OneSky Dev

OneSky Gem for Ruby On Rails Seamless integration for your Rails Application with OneSky!


The gem is an adapter of Rails 3 i18n gem to OneSky.
Please pack your strings according to instructions if you have not yet done.

Download the gem

Download ruby gems with adapter to Rails 3 i18n gem.
gem install i18n-one_sky

Using inside a Rails project

In your Rails root, edit your Gemfile to include this gem:
# Gemfile
gem 'rails', '3.0.3'
gem 'i18n-one_sky'
Then tell Bundler to install:
bundle install
If you haven't done so yet, log in to your account at OneSky and create a new project for this Rails app. Also, find the API key and secret which you will supply here:
rails generate one_sky:init my_api_key my_api_secret my_project
This will create the configuration file config/one_sky.yml. So assuming that you already have your phrases defined for your default locale and all your views contain the ubiquitous t() methods, it’s time now to submit these phrases to OneSky:
rake one_sky:upload_phrases
Then ask your translators to provide the translations using the OneSky website. When they’re done and a few new languages are available, download them by:
rake one_sky:download_translations
This will save the translations inside config/locales/*_one_sky.yml files. You now have more languages supported and it’s just a matter of pushing again to production. You can call upload and download over and over as you incrementally internationalize your site.

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